Who Are We?

Our Mentors

Our founders are five individuals from a range of backgrounds who met during their undergraduate degrees at the University of Oxford. All have tutoring experience across a range of subjects and share a desire to promote accessibility to higher education.

Our mentors are all talented undergraduates or graduate students from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. By combining prior knowledge and expertise of the application process with comprehensive training, our mentors are equipped to support students in their mission to reach their academic aspirations.

Meet Our Mentors

Sam - Oxford

Sam graduated from the University of Oxford in 2023 with a BA in Neuroscience, and is now undertaking a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research (Brain Sciences) at Imperial College London. Before that, he attended a non-selective state school in Greater Manchester and recognises the difficulties faced by prospective applicants who lack comprehensive knowledge of the application process when applying to top  universities. Sam has extensive experience in application mentoring, having worked for several multinational tutoring firms, and understands how to assist students in optimising their chances at submitting a successful application to their desired university.

Tom - Oxford

Tom graduated from Oxford University in 2023 with a BA in German and Russian. Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, he has an acute awareness of the barriers to academia for some members of the United Kingdom. He is an experienced tutor, previously working for SAES, the world’s leading Abitur (German A-level) preparation school, helping students with examinations. Tom has a wealth of knowledge in the application process to English-speaking universities, cultivating a freelance profile which supports all students in application writing. He prioritises communication between tutor and student, presenting a realistic view of academia for everyone who is interested.

Peter - Oxford

Peter graduated from Oxford University in 2023 with a BA in French and German, and has firsthand experience with the obstacles that Northern Irish students often encounter on their academic journeys. With an impressive background as an accomplished tutor, he has honed his teaching skills during his tenure at SAES, the global leader in Abitur exam preparation for German students. In addition, Peter spent a year teaching English in Germany, catering to students up to Abitur age. These experiences have equipped him with a profound understanding of diverse educational systems and the specific challenges faced by students at this crucial stage.

Georgia - Cambridge

Georgia studies Engineering at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, specialising in mechanical design and civil engineering. She has more than four years of academic tutoring experience, offering support across a range of STEM subjects, and is familiar with interview skills and the selection process at top UK universities. Outside of her academics, Georgia likes to stay active, having learnt to row at University. Her dedication to rowing resulted in her becoming the Captain of her college boat club.

Trinity - Oxford

Trinity is a Neuroscience graduate from the University of Oxford. Following this, she completed an MSc in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience, also at Oxford, with a specialism in depression research. Coupled with receiving a fully-funded scholarship for her masters based on academic merit and performance at interview, she has worked as a freelance university personal statement consultant for the past 3 years giving her extensive experience in guiding prospective students through all aspects of the application process.

Ciaran - Oxford

Ciaran graduated in 2023 with a First Class BA in Medical Sciences from The Queen’s College, Oxford and is currently undertaking his clinical studies. In addition to GCSE and A-Level tutoring, he has extensive experience tutoring for all aspects of the UK Medical School Application process, with tutees going on to study at prestigious Medical schools including UCL and Oxford. He believes in helping candidates to distinguish themselves through super-curricular study, enabling them to give unique and memorable responses at interview, while cultivating a critical eye in their future medical studies. Through his keen interest in personalised Medicine, he also aims to help tutees understand advancement at the forefront of the field.

Jake - Oxford

After self-teaching his A-levels, Jake obtained a Foundation Degree with distinction in Experimental Psychology at Lady Margaret Hall and subsequently graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Oxford in BA Neuroscience. Jake has vast tutoring experience, having  tallied up over 450 hours over the last 4 years. He offers support across a wide variety of areas ranging from GCSE and A-level topics to comprehensive university application mentoring. Jake has an impressive collection of research experience, having worked in labs in Oxford, Cambridge, and São Paulo, and is now undertaking a PhD in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge.

Charlie - Oxford

Charlie is in the fourth year of his BA in Spanish and Russian. Having attended a non-selective state school in a deprived area of Wolverhampton, he is acutely conscious of the difficulties faced by many students from deprived areas and the barriers to reaching higher education. Charlie is the first person from his high school to go to Oxford University, but is working to ensure he isn’t the last. He worked in a high school during his gap year, helping assist teachers as well as teaching modern languages lessons independently. Here he developed his ability to accommodate different kinds of learners and be empathetic to different backgrounds.

Josh - Oxford

Josh studied PPE at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, and is now working at HM Treasury as an economist on the Civil Service Fast Stream. He took A-levels in History, English, and Philosophy & Religion, at a non-selective state school in Derbyshire. He has experience preparing students for Oxbridge interviews, and in teaching the subjects he is passionate about. He specialises in helping students to understand and develop the qualities needed for admission to Oxbridge, particularly students from schools that do not have the resources for interview training. He also teaches economics and politics at A Level, and can help students understand otherwise opaque topics by drawing on his own experiences in similar subjects.

Niamh - Cambridge

Niamh graduated from Cambridge in 2023 with a BA in Law and is now on a gap year before moving on to study a master’s in law. She has strong experience advising students through the admissions process and is passionate about supporting young people from all backgrounds to unlock their true strength and potential through what can be a nerve-wracking application process. Niamh is excited to help students explore more about law and related fields- she holds a particular interest in human rights law and public law. She wants her mentees to go into their interviews feeling confident in their ability to bring a unique perspective to their subject, and aims to create an enriching, inspiring environment in her lessons. 

Tom - Oxford

Tom graduated in 2023 with a First Class degree in Economics and Management from St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. He is currently working as a Trainee Investment Consultant, based in Cheltenham. Tom has extensive experience tutoring students applying for university, including assisting in personal statement writing, supercurricular tutoring and interview preparation. From his studies at Oxford, Tom recognises that the ability of a tutor to be engaging whilst explaining complex concepts is vital to learning. He aims to bring these experiences to the students he tutors.

Robert - Cambridge

Robert graduated with a BA in Law from the University of Cambridge in 2023. He has extensive experience supporting students through the application process, having worked for several tutoring companies. Robert also enjoys teaching ambitious young people about aspects of Law, with his favourite modules being EU Law and Labour Law. While at school, he completed an EPQ on the Rehabilitation of Offenders in the UK, and would be happy to discuss this topic with students. Beyond his studies, Robert enjoys playing football, having played for St. John's College first XI throughout his three years in Cambridge.

Kayla - Oxford

Kayla is in her 4th year of an Integrated Masters in Biochemistry at Oxford. She is passionate about research and wants to support and inspire individuals to pursue their interests, irrespective of their socioeconomic status. Kayla studied at a non-selective state school in the Fenlands, and is the 1st person from her school to attend Oxford. She has passed on knowledge from her experience to others locally, who went on to gain places at other top UK universities. From classes of 30+ students to 1 on 1 tutoring at Oxford, she appreciates the value of learning to compliment specific strengths and weaknesses, and plans to bring this style to her sessions.

Emily - Oxford

Emily is in her final year studying English and French at St Edmund Hall, Oxford and specialises in Medieval literature. She is passionate about helping others reach their potential and explore their interests without access barriers and has extensive experience working with young people. Having attended a state school with very little knowledge about Oxbridge or the application process, she hopes to make it seem a lot less daunting and to widen the material that her mentees feel able to work with, as well as introducing them to different ways of thinking about literature and everything surrounding it. Through discussing challenging and interesting topics, texts and ideas, Emily aims to broaden her mentees' interests and ways of thinking about literature, as well as their confidence with discussion, quick thinking and expressing their opinions - no question is a bad question!

Katerina - Oxford

Katerina studied law at Exeter College, Oxford, and will be starting at law firm Freshfields next February. She has experience in mentoring students through the application process to Oxford and in tutoring for A-Levels. She is looking forward to teaching and discussing topics to help bolster personal statements, such as public law and criminal law. Outside of studying, Katerina enjoys playing sport, having acted as the Captain of her college boat club and playing rugby for her university.

Niku - Oxford

Niku is a recent languages BA graduate from St Edmund Hall, Oxford, where she studied German and Russian. She is also fluent in French and Persian. She has a diverse educational background, having attended a non-selective state school in France. Moreover, being from a minority ethnic background, she can relate to students from diverse cultures. Niku has experience with private tutoring, and is especially passionate about helping students who have learning difficulties and giving tailored tuition to those who need it.

Domokos - Oxford

Dom graduated from the University of Oxford in 2023 with a BA in Experimental Psychology, and is now enjoying a gap year of work and travel. He came to Oxford from a state grammar school, where as an A Level student, he already worked as a GCSE science tutor. Born in Budapest, Dom moved to the UK when he was four years old and grew up in Devon. He is able to draw from his personal experience to guide students through the unique challenges applicants with backgrounds other than native British often face.